How to replace shower valve?

Installing a new shower or tub wastegate can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your home. But it is not only your bathroom it is also a great idea to add an option for people who cannot walk or do not want to spend their days confined in their bathroom.

For a brand new addition, you can make the solution easy by changing the original replacement for your shower. The first thing you have to know is that there are two types of shower valves. Both can be sold together, but sometimes a new shower valve is just as much as more than a new shower, so if your main objective is to renovate or recondition your bathroom, then this would be the right option.

You have to choose the best product from the category of the type of shower valve you are going to install. If you are not sure about the function of the shower valve, ask a plumber or a handyman for some advice. Some of the advantages to handle every plumbing task in your bathroom, and some have the basic knowledge of every fitting and device you will require, which would include the fitting for the new shower valve.

However, the type of shower valve you will choose depends on what you want to achieve from your bathroom renovation. This will make your life much easier, because you will get the kind of problems solved.

If you are not sure about the function of the shower valve, then you can always call the plumber for a look and test the functioning of the valve. In such a case, the last place that you should consult the plumber is when you can make a solution to get a happy outcome.

Once you have a basic idea about the kind of water flowing from the new replacement, then you can start in the process of replacement. First of all, you should remove the old shower valve and the old shower pan. Then, you have to remove the old brackets and replace the ones that are made of stainless steel.

When you install the new brackets and the new fittings, do not forget to grease the fasteners with silicone. After installing the new fittings, you have to start tightening the bolts that are holding the existing bracket. Once this is done, you can start filling the gaps with the old pan and the original shower valve.

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